We’re alway striving for better at Boojum. We’re a responsible brand aiming to reduce our impact on the environment, invest in our communities and support charities in their amazing work, whilst having some fun along the way of course.

Our staff pioneer and champion the initiatives we support, it is our amazing Boojfam, that serve you our customers and those behind the scenes, that fuel our efforts to improve how we do business and give back to our communities.

As we grow and bring our famous Boojum flavours to more and more people, our reach and ability to positively impact our environment and help those in need has become greater and we’re proud to say we have risen to that challenge…

  • Environment


    Our planet is extremely important to us and we are continuously striving to reduce our waste, use of single use plastic and carbon footprint. Which is why we are a proud member of Repak, an environmental not for profit organisation aimed at helping businesses “improve the sustainability of their packaging and to encourage consumers to reduce, reuse and recycle better”. By being a member, we help fund the recycling of the packaging we use.

  • Charity


    Creating an inclusive and rewarding work environment and customer experience is a major priority for Boojum. In 2018, we partnered with the NOW Group, a social enterprise that supports people with learning difficulties and autism in securing jobs with a future to introduce the JAM Card initiative in all of our stores across Ireland. All our staff are trained to recognise JAM (‘Just A Minute’) Cards to identify when a customer may need additional support, and have the skills required to aid these customers communication in store.

  • Community


    We do a lot more than serve up damn good Mexican food. We’re fully committed to giving back to the communities we serve, spreading not only our famous Boojum flavours but also Boojum love. This is why we do fundraising activities and provide donations for a variety of charitable initiatives like, Pieta House, Mencap, Feed our Homeless, Simon Community, FareShareNI.

our crew

What makes Boojum so special is our passionate and diverse team of burrito rolling experts and head honchos, aka the Boojfam.

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Our team is keen to make Boojum a greener business in the future. There are a number of projects and initiatives being actively worked on, and we hope to unveil some of these in the near future

Unfortunately Boojum does not operate under a franchise model. If you have an idea for a location we’d love to hear it, and maybe someday you can say ‘I told them to bring Boojum to <Blank>’