Boojum Loyalty Rewards: We’re Going Paperless!

Big news! From 1st January 2021 we’re going paperless, ditching the traditional paper loyalty card and moving our loyalty reward scheme exclusively to the Boojum app.
Retired. Put out to pasture. Gone to the great burrito bar in the sky… Whatever you wanna call it, from the end of the year we’ll no longer be accepting paper cards in any of our stores and the app will be the only way to track and redeem loyalty stamps.
Now we know this might be a lot to process, some of you might even have had your loyalty card longer than your current girlfriend, but we can assure you that this is the exact same great scheme you know and love – now just even handier.

We understand you’ll have questions, so to answer them we’ve written this blog post in order to explain exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what it means for you.

Changes At A Glance

No time to read the whole thing and just want the main takeaways? Here’s the skinny:
• Existing paper loyalty cards will no longer be valid from 1st Jan 2021

• From 1st Jan 2021 the Boojum app will be the only way to collect, track and redeem loyalty stamps

• You’ve got until the end of the year to reach and redeem your next free burrito or tee reward on any existing cards you have

• Stamps from any cards which aren’t filled and redeemed will be lost

• Loyalty points can’t be transferred from your card to your app
If you’ve still got questions about how loyalty rewards will work or what to do with your existing points, read on below!

Why Are You Doing This?!

There’s a couple of reasons. One big one is that it’ll drastically cut down on the volume of paper we use, reducing our environmental impact wherever possible.
We’re also all too familiar with the severe emotional and physical distress that results from losing or damaging your paper loyalty cards – especially when you were only one or two stamps away from free swag!
On the app, even if you lose or break your phone you can simply log in on a new device and all your stamps will be right there, ready and waiting to be redeemed.
Finally, you might be aware that there’s a bit of a pandemic going around at the minute. We’re working hard to reduce both physical contact between staff and customers and the number of touchpoints in our restaurants – with the app everything’s 100% contactless!

Can I Still Use My Old Paper Card?

For now, yes. We’re giving all our customers until the end of the year to use their existing paper cards. After that, we’ll no longer be accepting paper loyalty cards in any of our stores.
No new paper cards are being issued, but you’ve got the next two months to fill up any existing cards you have and redeem your rewards. In other words, you really do need to use ‘em before you lose ‘em!

Can I Transfer Stamps From My Card To The App?

Nope, sorry!
Unfortunately, technical limitations mean that it’s impossible for us to transfer the stamps on a physical card to the app on your phone.
If you do have an existing paper loyalty card and you’re close to redeeming a free meal or a T-shirt, you’ve got until the end of the year to reach that next milestone.

How Do I Redeem My Free Meals & T-Shirts?

Exactly the same way as before! Our loyalty scheme isn’t changing at all, it’s just growing up – and getting handier to use in the process.
The idea is the same, the rewards are the same, the number of stamps you need to earn those rewards are the same. All that’s changing is that instead of using a paper card you’ll now be able to collect your stamps only on the Boojum app.
Every main meal you order gives you one stamp towards your loyalty rewards. Simply scan your app at the till when in-store and the points will be automatically added to your account.
Ordering Click ‘N Collect? When ordering via the app your loyalty points will be automatically added to your account, impressive, we know.
Delivery orders made via our delivery partners do not qualify for loyalty stamps. No change on this one guys!

Is Guac Still Extra…?