NEW Boojum BBQ Cookout Kits: Introducing Boojum On Your BBQ!

Hold up, did you just say Boojum... on the BBQ?!


Summer’s here so we’re turning up the heat on the bog-standard back garden BBQ and taking damn good Mexican food al fresco for the first time ever with our brand-new Boojum At Home BBQ Cookout Kit.

Perfect for home garden parties or staycation celebrations alike, each Cookout Kit combines everything you love about Boojum - high-quality fresh ingredients, unique seasonings and authentic salsas - with the very best of Mexican grilling.

Need we say more?!

Alright, you’ve got my attention… Go on…

Whether you’re cooking for friends, family or both, our Boojum BBQ Cookout Kit is the ultimate way to take the stress out of post-lockdown party planning.

Why settle for boring old burgers when you can get everything you need to whip up fresh, authentic Boojum fajitas in one handy box that’s delivered to your door fully chilled and ready to hit the grill?

Not only that, but each BBQ Cookout Kit also includes some exclusive extras that you won’t find anywhere else, including our restaurants. Trust us when we say the neighbours will turn green as guac with jealousy when the smell of these wafts over the fence…!

Boojum BBQ Cookout Kit
What does each kit come with?

Every BBQ Cookout Kit contains all you’ll need for a hassle-free fajita feast that’ll feed at least four (and then some!), plus exclusive sides, authentic salsas and freshly-made toppings.

While our regular Boojum At Home meal kits contain one serving of meat, with the BBQ kit you get double - a portion of our delicious Mexican spiced chicken thighs plus all-new tender flat iron steaks marinated in a dry rub blend of authentic Mexican seasonings and spices.

The party doesn’t stop there. Every kit also includes fresh Mexican street-style corn on the cob - totally exclusive to the BBQ Cookout Kit - that comes husk on, ready to char up on the grill and paired with delicious chipotle sour cream and a dusting of parmesan cheese to top it off.

To top it all off, we’ve tossed in fresh onions and peppers, a bumper portion of our signature Mexican savoury rice, plus two fresh salsas, cheese, pickled onions, jalapeño peppers and flour tortillas so you can build your tacos or bowls exactly how you like them!

Boojum BBQ Kit
Sounds incredible, but I’m no BBQ expert...

We might be a little biased, but it is incredible! Sure beats the heck out of incinerated sausages… Speaking of, there’s no need to be nervous even if your grilling skills are a little rusty.

Each Cookout Kit comes with a set of handy step-by-step instructions that you can follow along with while you cook. Even total BBQ beginners can achieve proud King (or Queen!) of the Grill status in no time and with no fancy equipment.

All you need is a BBQ - charcoal, gas or disposable, it makes no difference - a kitchen knife and a set of tongs or a sturdy spatula and you’re all set to get your grill on. Quick to prepare and with minimal prep necessary, we estimate your BBQ feast can be ready to serve in just 20 minutes.

Boojum At Home BBQ
Okay okay, I’m convinced! How do I get one?!

Easy! Just click the link here, add to basket and then choose whether you’d rather have your Boojum BBQ Kit delivered to your door or conveniently pick it up in-store.

We deliver right across the entire island of Ireland via DPD, with full tracking so you can keep an eye on your package as it makes its way from our kitchen to your back garden. Every BBQ Kit comes fully chilled and ready to grill inside sustainable, compostable and biodegradable Woolcool packaging, while all of our packaging materials are fully recyclable.

Packed with incredible flavour, great value for money and guaranteed to impress friends and family alike, order now to fire up the grill and enjoy damn good Mexican food al fresco!