Howya, burrito lovers: It’s official, Boojum is coming to Blanchardstown!

Blanchardstinian burrito fans, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Looks like the burrito's finally out of the delivery bag... Boojum is officially coming to Blanch!

Probably our most-requested store ever, die-hard Mexican lovers in the greater Dublin area have slid deep into our DMs over the years in their hundreds, asking for us to set up shop in D15.

Keen Boojum fans will remember that we parked our famous Boojmobile food truck outside Blanch Shopping Centre back in 2018, which proved to be one of the busiest periods that lil' truck ever had.

Between that and the endless flurry of requests for us to please, please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeaaaase put a Boojum in the Blanch area we couldn't be happier to finally be on our way back - permanently this time!

Where will the Blanchardstown Boojum be located?

The exact location is still as closely-guarded a secret as the recipe to our Mexican rice, but we can tell you that our new restaurant will be a mere stones throw away from Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

What's more, Boojum Blanch will also allow us to offer delivery to locations in D11 and further afield, meaning that for the first time ever thousands more burrito fans will be able to get their Mexican fix without having to travel into the city centre.


Very! What's even cooler is that our new Blanch restaurant will also be the very first Boojum to feature a delivery-only service line that's totally separate from our regular line, plus a nifty little hatch at the rear of the building for our delivery partners to collect your order from.

That'll mean much faster service for both delivery and dine-in customers, and much less hassle for our delivery drivers and riders.

When does Boojum Blanch open?!

The exact date is still TBA, but you can expect to be able to get your burrito fix in the Blanch area from around late November to early December. Be sure to keep an eye on our socials for all the latest news and updates, we'll announce the official opening date there as soon as we're ready.

We're also hiring! If you have a passion for damn good Mexican food and you think you could roll a burrito with the best of 'em, we're currently on the look out for new staff members in the Blanchardstown area.

There's vacancies available for front of house, kitchen and management roles, with applicants able to apply online now via our jobs portal. If you'd like to work with us, there's front of house, kitchen and management roles all up for grabs with applications able to apply online now via our jobs portal.