FREE Unlimited Extras: Get the works on us, all for free!

Fancy mixing up your Boojum order with no strings attached or rolling the biggest burrito of your life just ‘cos ya flippin’ well can? We’ve got good news, Boojum Addicts!

Beat the January blues (and forget all about those New Year’s resolutions that were never gonna last anyway…) with FREE UNLIMITED EXTRAS this Wednesday.

Load up your Boojum order with as many sides, sauces, salsas and extras as you like and you won’t be charged a penny extra for it - everything tastes better when it’s free!

And when we say unlimited, we mean it. Love guac? Get a triple shot of it, on the house. Want to fill your bowl with a quintuple hit of pickled onions? Donezo. Fancy double absolutely *everything*?! The only limit is how much your burrito can fit in it.

The offer’s valid on Wednesday 18th January strictly while stocks last, so make sure you don’t miss out. Applies to main meal orders only via in-store and Click ‘N Collect. Excludes delivery and double meat.

Still got questions? We got the answers below:

Where and when is it available?

Free Unlimited Extras are available all day until closing on Wednesday 18th January in all stores right across the island of Ireland.

Does it apply to delivery orders as well?

The offer’s valid for in-store and Click ‘N Collect orders, so you won’t be able to redeem if you order for home delivery. Sorry!

Surely it’s not, like, *unlimited* unlimited, is it?

The only limit is how much your meal can reasonably fit in it! The deal applies to main meals only (no sneakily filling an extra pot with sides, smart arses) - so long as your burrito or bowl can close, you can have it.

Does the offer include extra meat?

Unfortunately extra meat isn't included as part of the offer, but unlimited everything else sure ain't a bad deal!

Can I get unlimited free extras with a student meal in the Republic?

Yep! Just show your valid student ID at the till and you can redeem your student meal, unlimited extras included.