Cluck yeah! Say ¡Hola! to NEW Pollo Poblano!

Chicken lovers, your new favourite Boojum order is here - can we get a cluck yes?!

Introducing new Pollo Poblano, deliciously tender pulled chicken with a fresh poblano chilli kick and a herby, citrusy zing.

The perfect way to welcome in the sunnier days, Pollo Poblano is slow-cooked fresh in each store and hand shredded to perfection each morning for un-cluckin'-believable flavour.

Boojum Poblano Chicken

Paired with a delicious combo of onion, coriander and poblano chillies - plus a bright, zesty lime kick - it comes served with an exclusive poblano-infused sour cream to top it off.

Take it from us, it's every bit as damn delicious as it sounds. Best of all, it's available to order right now in-store or via Click 'N Collect and delivery.

Better act fast, though - Pollo Poblano's here for a good time and not a long time! Available throughout May and into June, go ahead and give it a go while you can. We guarantee you're gonna love it!