Boojum Pride 2021: Time to paint the town rainbow!

Pride 2021 is here and it’s time to paint the town rainbow!

It’s no secret that there are few things we’re more proud of as a brand than our people and each year we take great, ahem, pride in throwing on our glad rags to celebrate and support our LGBTQIA+ family, either as allies or as proud members of the community.

We want to go even bigger and better this year, and we can’t wait to roll out the rainbow carpet for our crew, customers and communities to show off our true colours and fly the flag for equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect from Boojum Pride ‘21:

In-Store Celebrations

Boojum Pride 2021

Every year we give each of our teams a big ol’ box of supplies and full creative licence to totally transform their stores with rainbow flags (that’s flegs to our Belfast customers), bunting and facepaints.

2021’s no exception and we’ll also be playing non-stop Pride classics to really amp up the vibe so make sure you drop by to check it out. If you’ve ever stopped by one of our stores during Pride Week before you’ll know the craic as there’s no missing it - and that’s exactly the point!

Pride Burrito Labels

Boojum Pride burrito label

Pride labels are back! When we say the only labels we care about are the ones we stick on our burritos we mean it, and we’ve had such a great reception to our rainbow labels in the past that it only makes sense to roll them out again.

You’ll find them in each of our stores across the island of Ireland for as long as our stocks last, so keep an eye out!

Pride, Love & Ice Cream…

Ben & Jerry's Peace Pop

But that ain’t all… This year we’ve also teamed up with the good folks at Ben & Jerry’s to bring our customers an exclusive treat to really help spread the love this summer!

For a limited time as part of each of our cities’ Pride Week festivities, we’ll be giving away Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Peace Pops - free when you order sit-in, takeaway, Click ‘N Collect or delivery.

Each Peace Pop is everything you love about Ben & Jerry’s, with creamy vanilla ice cream, tasty chocolate chips and a gooey cookie dough centre, all dipped in a delicious milk chocolate coating and served on a stick.

We’ve also managed to stash away some extras as a treat for each of our amazing team members - it’d be wrong not to do a taste test, right? - so take it from us: they’re frickin’ epic. Be sure to get yours quickly though, the offer’s valid while stocks last and once they’re gone they’re gone.

Our Peace Pop offer kicks off on Saturday 26th June to coincide with Dublin Pride Week, but check out the list of dates below to see when the Peace Pops will be available near you this summer.

Dublin: Saturday 26th June
Limerick: Wednesday 7th July
Cork: Tuesday 27th July
Belfast: Thursday 29th July
Galway: Wednesday 11th August

Boojum & Pride

Boojum Pride Celebrations

As a final note, we’re acutely aware that support for the LGBTQ+ community needs to continue long after the decorations have come down, and also that there will never be a point at which we can stop trying to do better.

Boojum has been proudly LGBTQIA+ friendly from the moment we first opened doors back in 2007, with many of our staff members themselves proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.

We’ve been part of the Businesses For Love Equality initiative in Belfast for many years, which campaigned for equal marriage rights in Northern Ireland and inclusivity, expression, diversity, representation, personal dignity and equality are the absolute cornerstones of what Boojum is about - along with a shared love of damn good Mexican food, obviously!

Yet aside from that, much of the most important work we’ve done and continue to do has been so-called ‘quiet work’: the building of diverse and accepting teams, anonymous recruitment practices that ensure everyone gets truly equal opportunities and the ongoing work done by all of our incredible managers and teammates to support each and every member of the Boojfam on their individual journeys.

The decorations might come down (eventually), but we’re proud to fly the flag for acceptance, equality and celebration every damn day. Happy Pride!