Veganuary Just Got Sweeter!

A new 100% plant-based dish is hitting our menus tomorrow. This tasty Sweet Potato & Lentil option will be around for the whole month of January as a meat-free alternative, making Veganuary that little bit easier and a whole lot more interesting for all those participating.

Due to the format of our menu, which can be customised in 1000’s of different ways, we've been catering to vegans since we opened back in 2007, but lately we’ve been getting creative and experimenting with our meat-free options.

This limited time only superfood dish is packed full of Boojum flavours and is served with all the avocado-y goodness of Guacamole, tangy Pickled Onions and Vegan, yes Vegan Sour Cream. Whether you’re already vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or just wanting to give Veganuary a go, our Sweet Potato & Lentil dish should be top of your list to try!

Available in all stores, you can grab your Sweet Potato & Lentil filled Burrito, Bowl or Tacos from tomorrow, 7th January.

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