Boojum Cherry – Popped yours Yet?

How awesome was Freshers week?! This year we went rogue and rocked up on campus with some pretty epic giveaways - the swag bags flew out faster than our burritos on a Friday afternoon! In keeping with our ‘Pop your Boojum Cherry’ theme, we gave out branded condoms (and before you ask, they don’t taste like burritos), pens, t-shirts, badges, free burrito vouchers, stamped loyalty cards (giving you all a head start on your journey to your Boojum Addict t-shirt).

Our speed eating challenges were one of the highlights of a hectic week. At the Fresher Fest and Rag events we crowned the newest Boojum Savage after he demolished an entire burrito in 54 seconds without even breaking a sweat - 54 seconds, what a beast?!

The dedication of students to the booj is breathtaking, literally… We had guys eating whole chillies for a voucher, they could hardly breath for chugging down the milk after. Check out our Freshers gallery and see if you spot any of your mates.

As part of our ‘Pop your Boojum Cherry’ activity we’re running a massive competition! Until October 6th, we’re giving students the chance to become an absolute legend in class by winning free Boojum for everyone. Yep, no joke lads, that’s free burritos, bowls and tacos for your entire class (even the lecturer!), whether that’s 30 people or 300, we’ll feed them all. But be warned, our bad boys are addictive – one bite and you’ll be hooked!

All you need to do is post a picture or video on any of our Facebook or Twitter pages and use the hashtag #PoppedMine – that’s it! If your pic or video stands out as being ridiculously funny, unusual, artistic, creative or just really damn pretty, it will have a better chance of being shortlisted and posted for public vote on Facebook. The one with the most reactions wins. You can check out all the T&C’s covered here:

We’re running the competition in each city – Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Galway, giving away four mammoth prizes in total where the winners and their class will have a bad ass Boojum lock in! Remember, the competition is open to all students, not just Freshers.

Now you know all the details, get involved.




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