We’re Damn Proud of Paula!

Meet Paula our very own country gal, a real workhorse and boss lady of our brand new Derry store! Paula is one of 197 women making Boojum an amazing place to work and she rolls a damn good burrito too!

Here at Boojum we're all about #BalanceforBetter, we're proud of the diversity we have across our business and how we champion women, so much so that Paula is one of the many talented females who now make up the majority of management positions in our business.

We did a little Q&A with Paula for International Women's Day, to show off how awesome the gals behind the burritos truly are #IWD2019


First off, what's your go to Boojum order?

Veggie bowl – White rice both beans veg, Roja, Sweetcorn salsa, Guac, Sour cream, Cheese, Chipotle and defo the chickpea crunch.


What made you want to join Boojum?

I seen a company that had big plans and I really wanted to be part of that.  I don’t like standing still and I like to change and develop and this is what attracted me to Boojum – their vision for the future of the company.


When did you join Boojum?

July 2016


What was your first role?

Assistant Manager of the largest Boojum in Ireland Great Victoria Street


What were your first impressions?

The family atmosphere and how everyone helps each other out.  No matter how busy we are there is also time for some fun also.


What's your current role?

General Manager of the newest Boojum in town, Number 18, Derry Strand Road


What made you want to head up our new Derry store?

I'm a Derry girl born and bred, I was on the Hill in September 1993 when we won the All Ireland. When I was asked would I like to be the GM of the new Derry store I jumped at the chance.  The Derry store is amazing with all new staff who are willing to learn and want to work so hard to serve the people of Derry city and beyond.  


Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us?

I wasn’t a fan of primary school at that age I was more concerned with how many sheep, lambs and cows I had. But now I am married to a Primary school teacher – so a bit ironic.


Any ridiculous situations you've found yourself in since joining? 

Most of these has been on the Food Truck – one night we ran out of cheese and we got the customers involved with cheese pun jokes it lightened the mood and everyone was laughing away – even on the way home we were still at it the jokes were cracker!! I think on the same night on the food truck I let my staff go on a break and I ended up on the till where I asked my first customer were they sitting in or taking away... at least he laughed at me.


Have you served anyone famous during your time at Boojum?

When in Great Victoria Street the cast of Game of Thrones would be in nearly every night as they stayed in a hotel across the road. I didn’t watch GOT at the time and did not have a clue who they were I am a big fan now and cannot wait for the next and final season.


Although Boojum is life (obvs), how do you kick back outside of work?

I live on a farm with my Ma, my wife Shauneen, our dogs Charley and Sam and cat Gerry. So outside of work my time is spent with them. Me and Ma will go for lunch on my day off. Shauneen and I cannot wait for longer evenings so we can get outside to the garden and walk the dogs up the mountain. We also like the to stay at the Redcastle hotel – our second home.  It Is also known that Shauneen and I like to attend weddings think we have been to 20 in the past 3 years, it's been a running joke since I joined Boojum, "What you doing this weekend Paula – Attending a wedding!?"


Finally, what's the best thing about working here?

The staff. They are the hardest working bunch of people and if you have a problem there's always someone on the end of a phone that can help ya out. The overall vision of the company that we wont stand still is amazing and opens up so many opportunities for all staff. I have gone from assistant manager to General manager and also covered the Area Manager of Northern Ireland when she was on maternity. If you want to have a career in hospitality Boojum will Develop you, and of course the free food when on shift.


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