G’wan Sinead!

Meet Sinead, burrito rollin’ legend, bun makin’ beaut and total boss lady! Sinead is one of 191 women making Boojum amazing! We did a little Q&A with Sinead for International Women's Day, to show off how awesome the gals behind the burritos truly are #INWD2018 


Q. What made you want to join Boojum?

I moved to Galway in 2013 with my partner Matthew who was transferred there with the Army. This is where I was first introduced to Boojum, the food was unreal and the staff are even better. The atmosphere in Boojum is great and the staff are always enjoying themselves even when it is very busy. I knew I wanted to work there the first day I went, it had a great vibe. We ended up going to Boojum at least twice a week, I was in love with the pork burrito. I noticed they were looking for staff so I applied. I gave my CV to a girl, Lesha who remembered me from going in so much and she put a smiley face on it, shortly after, I started as a FOH staff member. I was told afterwards that one of the reasons they hired me was because they loved my Dublin accent, this wasn't the only reason tho 🙂


Q. When did you join Boojum?

A. I joined Boojum in March 2014 as a Front of House staff member and have since then become a training supervisor in HR.


Q. What was your first role?

A. Front of House, I started on till as most people did and was rolling burritos in no time at all.


Q. What were your first impressions?

A. Super friendly, really sound, genuine staff who were great craic and the food was unreal. I was definitely addicted.


Q. What's your current role?

A. I am currently the Training Supervisor for Dublin region. This role involves hiring and training all new staff in the Dublin area with the help of managers, in-house trainers and also with the help of the HR team. I am also heavily involved in opening new stores.


Q. Any ridiculous situations you've found yourself in since joining?

A. When I do rolling training mornings with the Newjums, after teaching them how to roll a burrito, I get them to cover their heads with paper bags and attempt it without being able to see. This is definitely one of the most ridiculous situations I find myself in :D.


Q. What is the best thing about working here?

A. The people, the passion, the enthusiasm and of course the free food.


Q. Are you really the fastest roller?

A. Well, I’m yet to find someone that can beat me so I’ll say yes. I’m going to regret saying that haha.


Q. When did you start the cupcake side hustle?

A. I started up the Sweet Elite when I first moved to Galway in 2013, I was out of work for the first month so I started baking and it all snowballed from there. I love the idea of making a beautiful masterpiece and then for it to be destroyed in seconds haha.


Q. Is there anything else you get up to in your spare time?

A. I love rock climbing, it’s definitely my favourite thing to do in my spare time. I go hiking when the weather isn't terrible. I’m unbelievable at air hockey (slightly exaggerated), I used to have my own one in my last apartment. I also volunteer for the charity ALONE which is a charity organisation in Ireland that was set up to highlight the issues facing older people living alone. I visit a woman named Eithne for a few hours once a week, she’s a wonderful lady and I really enjoy my visits with her.









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