Our cupboards are packed with all sorts of speciality Mexican ingredients,
such as Mexican oregano, achiote paste, epazote, avocado leaves,
annatto seeds and over 5 different types of chillies.
Definitely not things you'll find in your local supermarket.


You won’t find any freezers or microwaves in our restaurants.
Everything here is cooked up fresh, straight from our kitchen
and into your burrito. We get up bright and early to chop,
simmer and roast every morsel. From our slow-cooked carnitas
to our punchy salsa’s and sauces made daily.
There’s nothing frozen here. Just real, honest food.


We only source and use ingredients of the highest
quality… and it shows. Check out our recent industry awards
or ask the Boojum Addicts if you don’t believe us.


Make no mistake; we are big on flavour.
Every bite is filled with a delicious combination
of unique fresh herbs and seasonings,
finished with a little bit of Boojum love of course.

Cooking great food
every damn day!

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