Damn good vegetarian food!

Veggie Boojum Addicts rejoice… World Vegetarian Day is here and we’re dishin’ up an offer that’s too hard to resist… £5/€6 meatless burritos, bowls and fajitas, all day long! Even if you’re not a fully legit vegetarian, today’s the day to go rogue, make the leap, ditch the meat and load up on guac (pssst… it’s NOT extra if you go veggie!) At this price gettin’ one for breakfast, lunch and dinner might not be such a bad idea!

So, what’s on offer?? Begin the layers with your choice of Mexican or Cilantro Lime rice, load up on all the beans or fajita veg (peppers and onions) then opt for three bean chilli if you wanna go all out and fancy that extra little kick, if not, skip and go straight to the green stuff… the holy guacamole! Finish off with the salsa of your choosing, lettuce if you wish and for the non vegans… smother in sour cream and cheese for that last bit of finesse.

Since day one, way back in 2007 we’ve been servin’ up damn good vegetarian food, way back before it became a tick box for brands and over the past year, we’ve been looking at ways to level up our meat free offering by introducing some exciting innovations to our menu. At the beginning of this year we launched our limited time only Vegan Poco Pot followed shortly after by our punchy Three Bean Chilli! All off the back of launching our hugely popular burrito topper Crunch’um, with a Chickpea option specifically for vegetarians.

We understand that the vegetarian struggle is real. We’re all about choice at Boojum and we’ve plenty of plans in the pipeline to bring our vegetarian and vegan customers more exciting and creative offerings in the coming months…. Watch this space!

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