Burritos with EXTRA Pride

At Boojum the sense of Pride is so strong it’s evident the second you walk into any Boojum store across the country, any time of the year. You can’t deny the diversity amongst our employees (the burrito masters) and customers (the burrito addicts) alike, a sure sign of the culture of inclusivity, identity and expression that, for the past 12 years has made Boojum, Boojum!

We are not just allies in Pride, many of us in this family of burrito lovers form part of the LGBT+ community. We are an inclusive collective of open minded and expressive individuals with a shared passion… serving damn good burritos to the world. Equality is so important to us and we take great pride in celebrating equality with our employees as well as our customers.

We’re becoming more active and involved in our support of Pride celebrations each year and with this year being a particularly significant milestone as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we wanted to make it special for our staff and customers. As June marked International Pride Month, we celebrated with some special ‘Pride’ themed cupcakes which were delivered to each and every employee in the company. 

Our teams in the stores have all been supplied with the biggest bunch of pride decorations ever and given full creative licence to unleash some serious sass and rainbow up their stores for Pride week. Our Dublin stores kicked off our celebrations with Limerick following just last weekend. Galway, Cork, Belfast and Derry Pride festivals are all still to come and we can’t wait to celebrate with our colleagues and customers.

The only labels we use here at Boojum are those we put on our burritos… and this year they’re turning RAINBOW just for Pride day, in each Boojum city. Keep an eye out for them!

From a proud LGBT+ Boojum Marketing Assistant.


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