Boojum with a side of Free Rent for this Lucky Student!

We made one lucky NUIG student ecstatic yesterday! Massive congratulations to our Free Student Rent for a Year, winner, Shauna Reilly! If there is better news to receive on a gloomy Autumn week, please tell us now.

Each year, as part of our Freshers campaign, we run a giveaway in which we offer a grand prize to help students out during their time at University. As students are part of the fibre of our brand, we see this time of year as a chance to connect with students through more exciting ways than just our burritos... although they're pretty damn delicious and hard to top! We like to give students something to get excited about amongst the nerves and pressures of starting college. Our giveaway this year was HUGE and was aimed at relieving one student of the burden of rent fees which are at an all time high. We can’t pay everyone’s rent (unfortunately) but in helping at least one student then we have done something positive.

In bringing the student rent subject into the spotlight we hoped it would help shed light on the issue which is facing students across the country. The astounding number of entries the competition has received over the last three weeks reaffirms that it is indeed something close to heart for many students and a financial struggle they could do without.

Shauna Reilly has won an (academic) year of rent payments so, starting this month she no longer has to worry about missing out on other essentials such as books, heating, food, a social life and those all important burritos, saving hundreds of euros each month on rent for a cupboard under the stairs. Shauna, we hope you enjoy your year of ZERO RENT... Drinks are you on tonight to celebrate.

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